Born To Be A Writer

My Guardian Dog

I love this story. Busy with the editing. Hope you enjoy! 


But nothing moved. I felt a chill of fear creep down my spine and knew that my old self would probably have strongly considered running away or playing ostrich. But I was the new me, the one determined to save my parents and prove to myself that I could, that I was my own person. I jutted my chin, grabbed each man by the hand and started forward. A low growl made me stop.

I turned to Riley, ready to snap at him that it wasn’t necessary to growl at me, when I noticed how rigid he was. Quickly glancing to my left, I discovered how deathly pale Scott was and I swallowed hard. The growl hadn’t come from Riley nor Scott, but behind us.

Releasing hands, we turned as one and my already frantic heartbeat started going into overdrive. There were three Wogs before us but I couldn’t tell if they were the same as before.

“Why is it that they can creep up on us that way?” I murmured.
                “Maybe it’s in there genes,” Riley answered. “After all, I can do it; it’s in my genes.”
                “Riley, my Taser is in the middle pocket.”

Slowly, trying not to make any sudden movements, Riley reached behind me, unzipped the bag and pulled the Taser which he handed to me. To my right, Scott was pulling his gloves off and then he shoved them in his back pocket.

“Any plans?” Scott asked.
                “Nope, you?”
                “Maybe if I get my hands on them . . .” He flexed his hands and I shivered.
                “Don’t do anything stupid, Scott!”

He turned his head slightly and I saw him grinning. I had told him the same thing the first time we faced the Wogs.

“If only I had transformed, I might have heard them! I can fight better in my other form.”
                “What if we covered you?” Scott said tightly, “How long do you need?”
                “Just about a minute, it’s during the transformation that I’m most vulnerable.”

Cover him? My mind was reeling. How were we supposed to cover him? How long would Scott and I last against these three beasties? As if sensing our intention, the Wogs padded closer and I knew we had to act now or lose any advantage. Instead of backing off, Scott stepped closer, snatching the Taser from my hand. With his left foot, he kicked at the farthest Wog, somehow shoved at the middle one and jabbed at the last with the little electronic device. Then he grabbed my hand and ran.

I looked over my shoulder to find all three Wogs hot on our heels. “That’s one hell of a chance you took that not one of them would stay behind with Riley!”

I was panting, gasping for breath. I suddenly felt dizzy and weak-kneed and I knew that only Scott’s pressure on my hand and the hot breath on my heels were keeping me going.

“It was the only plan I came up with! I was hoping they’d be insulted to have been attacked.”
                “Why would you think that? They’re only animals, aren’t they?”
                “I don’t know, but I- ”
                Scott!” I stumbled, fell to my knees. They were shaking so hard I thought they might shatter if they came into contact with each other.
                Scott didn’t give me time to breathe, he tugged me up with surprising strength, lifted me in his arms and ran faster. I struggled, “Put me down, you’re weak!”
                “Stop struggling or I’ll- ”

Too late. He tripped and we both went down hard, me skidding several feet on the hard sand, scraping everything I owned and then some.

I looked up and a second later, the first Wog was on Scott but before he could get to him, Riley crashed into it and sent the beast flying.

“Riley!” I called out as a second beastie ran for him. Immediately, Riley whirled and pounced, not giving the Wog a chance at him. Scott was still down, his cheek pressing against the sand. I had other matters to worry about; the third Wog was coming for me. I dragged myself into a sitting position while simultaneously not trying to black out and keeping the pain at bay. I needed to keep a cool head and figure out what to do because neither Scott nor Riley would be of much help.

The Wog’s blood-red eyes flashed hungrily as it licked its chops and stalked closer to me. It was confident in its stride; it knew I was defenceless. Maybe I was giving it superior intelligence and a heightened awareness but I wasn’t about to underestimate this beastie, not while it regarded me as its next meal. Was it only a coincidence that the pack had found us here? Unless it had a very sharp nose or a great sense of smell, I couldn’t believe that it had tracked us. A coincidence was a little far fetched to my liking. So, what? They had been waiting for us? In the very village my parents were kept hostage? No, definitely not a coincidence.

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