Born To Be A Writer


I'm done writing this book. I'm pretty happy with the result. Now I must have my friends and family read and critique it for me before editing it and getting it ready to send for a publisher. :)

Forbidden Love

This book has been a long time coming. I love it. I love its characters and their story. I can't wait to have it completed.

Enjoy this excerpt.


Chase was surprised and delighted to find that shy, quiet Hayley had a temper. He hadn’t thought she had it in her but apparently when the situation called for it, her temper arose. He laid a gentle, warm hand on her cold one. “He’ll just have to wait until you pass your exams with flying colours. When had happens, make him kiss your feet and beg for your forgiveness.”

Startled, Hayley opened her eyes wide as she stared at Chase, then she burst out laughing. The sound was pure and magical, warming the cool autumn night.  Chase rose and held his hand out to Hayley, “Come on, let’s get you home.”

Her lips were still stretched into a wide smile and her eyes were shining brightly in the moonlight. Without hesitation she took his hand and allowed him to hoist her up. Their fingers lingered longer than was proper as they turned and made their way toward Hayley’s house. Not quite sure what to make of the fluttering she felt inside her stomach, Hayley said, “Eli’s been teaching me to play chess.”
            “Really? I didn’t know you were interested in learning.”
            “I wasn’t. Not until I saw you play against Jordan.”

Until he saw the shocked expression on Hayley’s face, Chase thought he had misunderstood. She had wanted to learn . . . After watching him play? He wondered if she had any idea how much of herself she just gave away. A quick glance in her direction confirmed it; she looked completely mortified.

Not wanting to embarrass her further, Chase said lightly, “It’s good mental exercise. I figure everyone should learn but I know it doesn’t suit everybody.”
            He heard Hayley’s sigh of relief. “You’ve got that right. Eli slaughters me every single game.”
            Chase glanced at her and found her beautiful in the moonlight, this slender, young, fragile-looking teenager. Every protective instinct of his kicked in around her. He wanted to protect her from harm and keep the hurt at bay. He didn’t have any siblings but if he had had a sister, he supposed he would feel this protecting of her. Then again, the way he felt around Hayley was anything but brotherly. If only she was five years older or he five years younger . . .