Born To Be A Writer

My story

My life's story is not of a sad past, but of a happy one. My name is Tanya Loiselle and I live in Quebec, Canada.

I grew up in a small family of five, six included an adorable golden retriever. Like so many before me, I have

 been to school and worked at jobs I seldom liked. With twenty-six years behind me, I have become

old enough to know who I truly am and want to be. However, it is in the four years that I have been living

 with my boyfriend that I have truly unleashed my passion of writing. Or more specifically, since my boyfriend

was able to save up and surprise me with a laptop. Now, I never leave home without it. Who knows when

inspiration will hit? I have been publishing posts on various sites and have written many stories of

different natures. Although still an unpublished writer, I am hard at work editing my novels, perfecting them before

sending them to a publisher.