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Posted on May 5, 2009 at 10:31 AM

I met up with a psychic a few yearsago? Whoa. Well that was definitely a new experience. Have any of you ever tried ? It's cool, it's weird, it's enlightening.


She started out by telling me what my physical weaknesses are. My lower back between my kidneys, my neck and right shoulder area, my knees and finally my hips. She talked to me about my family, about how close my younger sibling and I are. She told me that my boyfriend is a keeper and that we will live the rest of our lives together and have two kids. She said my writing career would kick off and I'd be world renown. Most of these things she told me, I already knew, of course. But how did she find out ?


All this from asking me my name. She started writing down numbers, circling some of them several times, and then taping them with her index finger to put emphasis on their importance.

How can she have known all of this ? Can she see our most important thoughts and tells you what you want to hear ? Well, that doesn't work. I don't want two kids, I want four. So, a third eye, maybe ? She can see my hopes, my dreams, my soul and determine by some complicated process what will happen in a not so distant future ?


Is she gifted with a 6th sense that nobody but her can understand ? Does she see precise moments of my future or blurry images only ? Is what she told me an exact science or only possibilities ? I'll give you an example : if in her minds eye, my future self always goes right when I get to a fork in the road, then she will make my predictions as she sees it. But what if I take the left fork ? Did she see that coming because she's psychic ? Or does it change the future she's foreseen for me ?

Is it because our very existence is determined from the moment we are conceived and she sees what the fates have decided for me ? Or is life a series of events that make our future unpredictable and she tells me the most obvious course ?


Does anyone know ? Can anyone enlighten me further ?

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