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I was a blog virgin . . . Until this

Posted on May 5, 2009 at 10:28 AM

This was written a couple years ago and I'm keeping it on because it amuses me. ;)

This was my first blog ever and I'm pretty proud of it. It talks about two of my favorite males in the whole world : my cats.


Ladies and gentlemen I have an announcement to make, I am a blog virgin. Pretty amazing in this day and age, you say? Well I agree and that is why I’m taking up this new challenge. Let’s see how I do!

Since I’m the one typing, I get to choose the topic. Let’s go for cats, shall we?


These tiny felines are really amazing. They can be affectionate and independent. They’re also beautiful and dignified, regal and graceful, crazy and calm…and completely stupid. Contrary to dogs, you never know how a cat will react. You try to pat them, will they lean in to the outstretched – somewhat hesitant – hand, or take a bite? A dog will wag its tail to demonstrate joy and happiness. A cat’s tail will twitch to…well, nobody actually knows for sure. Maybe there tails are battery operated and twitch on their own. What? Don’t believe me? Then you try to find a suitable explanation, because I certainly can’t and I’ve tried.

I would know, I have two.


Has anyone ever sat for hours and simply watched these miniature lions? They can be quite entertaining.

They hiss at their shadows or at impenetrable glass doors.

They go mad for a ball of yarn and don’t see the harm in sharing the once-rolled-up ball with the entire household.

They sleep in your neck as babies, then claw there way out of the nook (and then they wonder why I got them declawed).


Like us, they have distinctive personalities. My own little predator Lucky actually brings back the ball when I throw it. He relocates it to an area of his own choosing and expects me to go to him but hey! It’s a work in progress…


As for Bob, my boyfriend’s cat, he’s probably the most affectionate animal on this planet. This one gives ‘kisses’. You tap your cheek with your index and ask for a kiss. He rubs his dry nose and flattens his cheek against yours. Adorable at 3 in the afternoon, less at 3 in the morning…

And so ends my first blog, hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

See ya soon!

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