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Rejection can be harsh

Posted on February 28, 2011 at 11:54 AM Comments comments (0)

This was also written a few years ago but it still expresses my thoughts.

I'm working on a three book fantasy series. My sister actually came up with the idea a year ago. She sent me an email with the first sentence starting with 'Your mission, should you choose to accept it . . .'

She outlined -briefly- her ideas to me. I printed the letter and studied it for a few days. I realised that there was a lot I could work with it but a lot of it I couldn't. I asked her what her plan was for this book. She told me 'You're the boss, I'm the helper. We'll work it together but ultimately, it's your story.' Well, okay then.

All we did was speak of it. I was afraid of starting it and ruining her ideas. But finally, I started. The first two versions, she didn't like too much. The third, she adored. I worked it through and many of our original ideas changed. Then we reread it so many times I thought my eyes would bleed. Seriously, editing sucks lol.

I immediately began part two of the series. Meanwhile, I slowly started looking for a Publisher. I think that's the hardest part. I found one who seemed perfect for my book. I sent a query and a synopsis. They sent back a reply; they wanted the first five chapters. Woohoo! But...They wrote back and said that although they enjoyed my style of writing, my book wasn't Dark and Dangerous enough for them. They ended the email saying that they hoped to do business with me if I ever wrote something that fit in their genre. Now that was an encouraging rejection.

Then, recently, I got my second rejection. Not as pretty as the first. They said that 'frankly they found my plot uninteresting and were only looking for High Quality writing.' Okay then.

Now, I have two drastically different opinions of the same five chapters. Were they both telling the truth? Was the first trying to sugar coat the refusal? Because if that was the case, it sucks! I mean, my much PREFER the 'niceties' of the 1st but only if they are telling the truth? Were they? I don't know.

I'm presently waiting for the reply to a 3rd publisher before sending more out. I've read many times that rejections can be harsh. Yup, I got that. I also read that if you believe -truly believe- in your story, someone will pick up on it. Also, if you get told 10 times that your plot sucks, don't keep charging, pull back and do something about it. Maybe your story really does need tweeking. So, here I am with my thoughts. Wondering if the next Publisher will be the 'One' and what they will say if they reject my story also.

You shouldn't take rejection personally, I also read. But how can you not? You pour your heart and soul in those books. You give up a part of yourself. How can you not take it personally?

So, here's to hoping the next Publisher will be the right one. Because if I have to reread my whole 1st book again, my eyes my start bleeding and I'll end up needing a transfusion.

I just don't have time for that :)


Posted on May 5, 2009 at 10:31 AM Comments comments (0)

I met up with a psychic a few yearsago? Whoa. Well that was definitely a new experience. Have any of you ever tried ? It's cool, it's weird, it's enlightening.


She started out by telling me what my physical weaknesses are. My lower back between my kidneys, my neck and right shoulder area, my knees and finally my hips. She talked to me about my family, about how close my younger sibling and I are. She told me that my boyfriend is a keeper and that we will live the rest of our lives together and have two kids. She said my writing career would kick off and I'd be world renown. Most of these things she told me, I already knew, of course. But how did she find out ?


All this from asking me my name. She started writing down numbers, circling some of them several times, and then taping them with her index finger to put emphasis on their importance.

How can she have known all of this ? Can she see our most important thoughts and tells you what you want to hear ? Well, that doesn't work. I don't want two kids, I want four. So, a third eye, maybe ? She can see my hopes, my dreams, my soul and determine by some complicated process what will happen in a not so distant future ?


Is she gifted with a 6th sense that nobody but her can understand ? Does she see precise moments of my future or blurry images only ? Is what she told me an exact science or only possibilities ? I'll give you an example : if in her minds eye, my future self always goes right when I get to a fork in the road, then she will make my predictions as she sees it. But what if I take the left fork ? Did she see that coming because she's psychic ? Or does it change the future she's foreseen for me ?

Is it because our very existence is determined from the moment we are conceived and she sees what the fates have decided for me ? Or is life a series of events that make our future unpredictable and she tells me the most obvious course ?


Does anyone know ? Can anyone enlighten me further ?

I was a blog virgin . . . Until this

Posted on May 5, 2009 at 10:28 AM Comments comments (0)

This was written a couple years ago and I'm keeping it on because it amuses me. ;)

This was my first blog ever and I'm pretty proud of it. It talks about two of my favorite males in the whole world : my cats.


Ladies and gentlemen I have an announcement to make, I am a blog virgin. Pretty amazing in this day and age, you say? Well I agree and that is why I’m taking up this new challenge. Let’s see how I do!

Since I’m the one typing, I get to choose the topic. Let’s go for cats, shall we?


These tiny felines are really amazing. They can be affectionate and independent. They’re also beautiful and dignified, regal and graceful, crazy and calm…and completely stupid. Contrary to dogs, you never know how a cat will react. You try to pat them, will they lean in to the outstretched – somewhat hesitant – hand, or take a bite? A dog will wag its tail to demonstrate joy and happiness. A cat’s tail will twitch to…well, nobody actually knows for sure. Maybe there tails are battery operated and twitch on their own. What? Don’t believe me? Then you try to find a suitable explanation, because I certainly can’t and I’ve tried.

I would know, I have two.


Has anyone ever sat for hours and simply watched these miniature lions? They can be quite entertaining.

They hiss at their shadows or at impenetrable glass doors.

They go mad for a ball of yarn and don’t see the harm in sharing the once-rolled-up ball with the entire household.

They sleep in your neck as babies, then claw there way out of the nook (and then they wonder why I got them declawed).


Like us, they have distinctive personalities. My own little predator Lucky actually brings back the ball when I throw it. He relocates it to an area of his own choosing and expects me to go to him but hey! It’s a work in progress…


As for Bob, my boyfriend’s cat, he’s probably the most affectionate animal on this planet. This one gives ‘kisses’. You tap your cheek with your index and ask for a kiss. He rubs his dry nose and flattens his cheek against yours. Adorable at 3 in the afternoon, less at 3 in the morning…

And so ends my first blog, hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

See ya soon!