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Liar Liar

Posted on February 28, 2011 at 11:53 AM Comments comments (0)

When I was younger, I used to . . . embellish events. Let's not call it lying. Lying seems wrong, hurtful, deceiftul, yes? But being hurtful was the last thing I wanted. I only wanted to be different, interesting. I'd make a simple bike fall seem like an adventure worthy of Indiana Jones. I added enough detail for it to be juicy, but no more than that; I did not want my stories to be tacky or obviously false. With time, my imagination developped. I read a lot. But I made up my own stories, I never took my ideas from someone else's books.

In high school, girls grow up, have crushes. I suddenly became famous for my 'dreams'. I'd tell my friends that I dreamt of them the night before and of their crushes. I don't know if they actually believed me but they adored the stories I came up with. I had my own little fan club.

One day, I was baby-sitting my neighbour's kids. When Anne came home she stopped me in the doorway and said: "You're so curious and imaginative. I'd see you as a writer. Wouldn't it make sense to put all that imagination to good use?" And suddenly, I had a goal in life. The years of passionate reading, of endless curiosity about everything, my love of writing in classes, everything now made sense. My destiny had been revealed to me. Probably, at some point, I would have put two and two together. But at the time I was enjoying too much the immediate gratification of recounting my dreams.

Now here I am, ten years later. I've written one book, as of yet unpublished but I'm doing up the finishing touches then sending it to a publisher. I'm practically finished the second book of my three part series. Take that, Indiana Jones

Niagara Falls

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This summer, we went to Niagara Falls. Although I had lived in Ontario for six years, I had never visited the beautiful sight. I was inspired to write about my experience of our vacation. Basically, it's random thoughts, but feel free to read them. (After all, that's why I'm posting them! :D)



We left home at 9h20 on Wednesday morning, on June 24th. After a few pee/coffee stops -including a stop at an Esso in beautiful Burlington- we around in Oshawa around 3h30. My father in law had offered to let us stay with him in his room at the Quality Suites because he was on a business trip at the time. It was nice although too cold. We were warm, there was no pool. We went out to a Mandarin restaurant. Sushi was delicious (we tried some fruit/dessert ones, yum!!) The men drank. I was -once again- the designated driver. Following the meal, we made a stop at a HUGE WalMart. They made me stay in the car *cry*.


Thursday morning, we left and ran into traffic in Toronto. The view was fascinating. The sky scrapers were amazing and incredibly tall. Beautiful. What was even more stunning was all the greenery. Not something we easily find in Montreal.


Finally we arrive at King Waldor's camping site. We sign up, pay two nights upfront. We started setting up our camping gear but we were too warm and we decided to go for a swim. We were alone and it was very refreshing. There was some sort of moss/pollen on the picnic tables. My mind flashed to a scene I could create in a book. We returned to our tent. We needed to blow the mattress we had brought with us. We thought there would be electricity on every lot but we were wrong. The electricy posts stood in the bushes behind out lot and also furnished several different sites. So we backed the car to plug the mattress into the converted we had -wisely- brought along. It wasn't strong enough . .  .


We emptied the car and filled the tent, Not too long after, my fiancé, Sam, noticed the wind had picked up. Five minutes later, the thunderstorm started and we tried to hold up the tent but the water was coming in. We had to abandon ship. We grabbed everything and threw it in the car. What a downpour!


With our GPS we found a nearby motel and headed for it (the camp site was non-refundable!) Ran in, Sam in pants, me in my bikini. The soft-spoken blue-eyed woman charged us for a night. Room 4. We entered the room, brought in our stuff. Took a VERY long shower. Had a cup of hot coffee. Then we headed for a nearby pub and ate. Service was great. Meal was delicious.


Then we headed into town. Paid 18$ (!!!!) worth of parking. Went to pay tribute to the falls. They are a beautiful force of Nature. I had seen Falls in the past and I'd figured I'd be blasé about these ones. How wrong was I. They are quite impressive and entirely natural. Man had nothing to do with the creation of the Niagara Falls.


We did a few activities. First, the Guiness World Records Museum. Very interesting, we both enjoyed it. Then we went to Nightmares Fear Factory. I had made fun of my fiancé prior to going in; he's not very keen on Horror stuff. Turns out I was the one clutching him for dear life! It was completely black with red dots guiding us through the seemingly endless maze. Had I known, I wouldn't have went. But unknowingly, we went it. There was screams and people grabbing at us, poking us, rickety -freakin!- bridges and staircases.  We finally think it is over and we laugh *shakily* until Sam turned a corner and discovered it was pitch black. *oh shit* We ended up in a cul-de-sac. I was terrified. We turned in circles, hugging the walls, desperately trying to find an outlet, considering using our pocket flashlight when somebody appeared overhead and shift the room with a hidden panel: We had our way out. The men after us were screaming to get out. I'm trying! I yelled back, hoarsely, panic seeping into my voice. I could have injured them. Seriously. I ran out of there. Sam was laughing (he laughed almost the whole way through!), especially when we saw the picture they had taken of us. *no comments*


We headed back for the car. Got caught in *another* downpour while waiting for ice cream. We ran for it. We had nothing but our fanny pack to protect our camera, money, wallets and keys. I had to stop and take my pumps. Stupid unpractical asthma.


That night, Sam snored. I tossed and turned. Money was worrying me and I was warm and sticky and I wondered how our tent was faring. It was still on the campsite.


Friday morning we got up late. Had coffee, watched the weather channel. Beautiful all day, they said. Ten minutes later, there was a thunderstorm. We debated about going home. About staying there. We had already lost money at the campsite. What if the motel doesn't refund the days we paid? *Note to self, from now on, pay one night at a time!*


We went out and offered our Marineland airmiles ticket to our motel neighbour. She had two small children and had another baby on the way. She was tremendously grateful. Said she didn't work and didn't have much money and the ticket would help. We were glad to help her.


We had breakfast in a cute little restaurant * I couldn't remember how to say sunny-side up in english!* then went back to the falls. Went to Niagara's Fury. An interesting 4D experience to explain the origin of the Falls. Then we headed out to Journey Behind the Falls. The waiting line was long. They gave us raincoats then directed us into an elevator that brings you 175 feet lower, to the tunnels leading to portals where you get to really hear the roar or the majestic waterfalls.


I was doing fine until Sam raised and arm, touched the ceiling over us and exclaimed: 'It'S wet! Condensation, hmm... Do you realise how many tons of rock are overhead?' * I was desperately trying NOT to, but thanks!* We headed out to a platform and took great pics then went back to Cliffton Hill and boarded the skywheel (Did I mention I'm afraid of heights?) I had a temporary panic attack. Sam immediately seized up the situation: here, take some pictures! Great idea, it took my mind off things. Three tours later, (felt like 100!) we got off, had a cone. (We're alive! I celebrated!) Then off to Ripley's believe it or not where we learned some pretty interesting things. After a brief visit to the Moving Theater, we headed to our campsite, took down our tent, and went back to our motel room. We left the next morning.


We were glad to be back home. The weather in Ontario did NOT agree with us. And of course, we got back to Quebec and the sun was shining, welcoming us back, or mocking us?