Born To Be A Writer



To write and read. That is my passion. That is my life. For so long now reading and writing have been

 my reasons for being. I have abandoned the limitations I thought were present and let my senses

 guide me through unimaginable journeys. My mind and heart have become one to form eloquent

phrases along my path to becoming the one thing I have always dreamt of: a writer. Not only

do I dream of writing, I wish to be a creator; a creator of life, love, mystery, journeys and so

much more. I have posted many works for everyone and anyone to immerse themselves in.

Please, enjoy!










































Dean Koontz books.

Have you had the opportunity to read any books by Dean Koontz? If yes, do you like his style? Readers either like or don't like, there's really no grey area here.

If not, please allow me to suggest a few titles:


False Memory.


The complete Odd Thomas series.

As I mentioned, you will either like or not. I'm a complete fan. He has developed, with time and patience and many years, a unique style, a wonderful blend of genres. Words cannot describe Dean Koontz to perfection. So try him out and give me your advice.



I really love to read these.

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